The Best Centrifugal Juicers 0f 2023

centrifugal juicers

Finding the best centrifugal juicers of 2020 can become a bit overwhelming for those just starting their juicing journey.  It’s not hard once you decide what you need from your juicing machine.  Do you want the ability to make nut butters or using leafy greens and herbs in your juices? Not all centrifugal juicers have the ability to do this.

Centrifugal juicers are the most common juicer found in kitchens today. They are lower cost and are the fastest compared to the masticating juicers. You will have your glass of juice in about 2 minutes compared to 5 minutes or more with a slow juicer

Let’s take a closer look at how your centrifugal juicer gets the goods into your glass:

How Does The Centrifugal Juicer Work?

Centrifugal juicers have a wide chute that is capable of handling large pieces of fruits and veggies, such as whole apples and carrots. You don’t have to chop your juicing ingredients into small pieces.

When your ready to make your juice, you put your ingredients into the large chute and when it’s pushed down it is pressed against a flat cutting blade that has a very fast rotation. The fast rotation causes a centrifugal force that pushes the chopped produce against the strainer that separates the juice from the pulp.

The pulp is left behind on the strainer while the juice is separated into your glass for your drinking pleasure.

Due to the fast speed of the motor which causes a lot of heat with a centrifugal juicer, you will have a faster oxidation rate so you should drink your juice immediately to get the most nutrients from it. You won’t get a long shelf life with the centrifugal juicer if you do want to make larger batches to last a couple of days. The juice will generally go bad within a day so if you don’t mind juicing every day that won’t be a problem for you.

The Pros & Cons to Purchasing a Centrifugal Juicer

The benefits to the centrifugal juicers are:

  • Works fast to get you fresh juice
  • Has the ability to handle large fruits and veggies so your preparation time is low
  • Less pricey compared to the masticating and triturating juicers
  • Easy to put together and take apart for cleaning

The weaknesses of the centrifugal juicers are:

  • The high speed causes the motor to heat, in return causing a faster oxidation rate of your fresh juice and short shelf life
  • The nutrient benefits are lost quickly so you should drink the juice immediately after it’s done to get the most benefits from your fresh juice
  • Higher foam in your juice compared to the masticating and triturating juicers because of the high speed
  • You will find very moist pulp when your done juicing which means a lot of the juice from your produce is left behind and wasted
  • Noisier than the slower masticating and triturating juicers
  • You can use leafy greens like kale, spinach along with fresh herbs but they don’t break down well at all, you will find these types of ingredients left on the strainer when cleaning up your juicer

If you’re still interested in the centrifugal juicer, then keep reading on. Now we’ll dive into some top models on the market today.  You will find the following information about each juicing machine to help you pick the perfect match for your needs.

The Best Centrifugal Juicers For 2023

#1 Breville The Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL

The Breville Company was first launched in 1932 from Sydney Australia.  They specialize in appliances such as, toaster ovens, coffee makers, blenders and of course juicers, along with many other small kitchen appliances.

The company was created by Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville.  They mixed their names together to create The Breville Company.  They have been awarded over 40 international design awards for their products which shows that they take pride in what they create and sell.

Let’s Take a Look at the Breville 800 Juice Fountain Elite

The Breville 800 Juice Fountain Elite is one of the top rated centrifugal juicers on the market today.  Consumers just like yourself find that this juicer does everything it claims along with being very durable to last a lifetime in your kitchen.

  • You’ll find a 1000 watt motor that spins at 13000 RPM’s.  What does this mean for you?  You’ll get 30% more juice from this product and 40% more of the vitamins and minerals compared to other juicers on the market.
  • There are 2 speeds with this juicer, the slower speed is ideal for extracting juices from your softer fruits and leafy greens, such as, many berries, bananas,  spinach, kale, wheatgrass, etc..  While the faster speed is ideal for your denser and harder fruits and veggies, such as  garlic, apples, carrots, celery, etc..
  • The filter, which separates your pulp and rind from your juice, has over 40,000 filtering pores, this ensures that you will get a smooth juice from the Breville Elite.
  • The Breville 800 has a titanium reinforced disk that cuts up your fruits, veggies and leafy greens.  After the produce is cut and diced it is filtered through the micro mesh filter basket, which is made out of stainless steel.
  • Your extracted juice is released into the 1.1qt jug, which includes a froth separator, while the pulp from your juice is left behind in the 3.2qt pulp container.
  • All the components of the juicer, the cover, filter bowl, puree disk and juicing jug, are 100% dishwasher safe making the cleanup very easy.
  • The feed chute is extra large, 3 inches in diameter so you can use whole fruits and veggies cutting your prep time since you won’t need to cut everything up.

How The Breville 800JEXL ELite Works


  • 2 settings allowing you to juice leafy greens along with hard and soft produce
  • Durable steel construction to withstand a lifetime of use
  • All components are dishwasher safe allowing for easy cleanup
  • Large 3″ feed shoot allowing you to juice your produce without cutting into smaller pieces


  • The pulp left behind is still a bit moist meaning that there is juice left in your produce instead of in your cup
  • When juicing your leafy greens you will need to put them through the juicer 2x’s if you want to get the most juice out of them
  • The heat from the juicer causes a faster oxidation rate, which takes away nutrients from your juice while leaving more froth on the top

Is This What You’re Looking For?

Now that you have a little more insight about the Breville Juicer 800 you can make a better decision whether this product is what you want in your kitchen.

The Breville 800JEXL is all in all a solid juicer for those looking to make simple juices for a healthier lifestyle.  Customers just like yourself have rave reviews on Amazon about this product.

This juicer has a simple design making the use of it a breeze. There are no tiny parts to clean and put together before and after juicing and being dishwasher safe is another plus.

If you’d like to learn more about this juicer and what other consumers just like you think of this model,  Click the link below and you’ll find over 2000 reviews to help you make a better decision.

Price $299.95

centrifugal juicers

Omega 4000 centrifugal juicer#2  The Omega J4000 Continuous Pulp Ejecting Juice

This juicer is made by the Omega company which focuses on creating the best juicers on the market.  Many brands have multiple types of products for your kitchen but not Omega, they are focused on juicers and blenders alone.

The Omega company started out as Olympic Products and was founded in 1985 by Robert Leo.  It became Omega Products Inc., in 1987.

Robert Leo started his company to produce the perfect home juicing machines after working for other juicing companies for over 20 years.  The Omega company prides itself on creating the perfect juicing machines, citrus, centrifugal, masticating low speed and pulp ejecting styles.

So What Does The Omega Juicer 4000 Offer You?

  • The Omega 4000 has surgical grade stainless steel blades that break apart your whole produce with no problem at all.
  • Cleaning is very easy with the simple design allowing you to take apart and put back together quickly before and after juicing along with being dishwasher safe.
  • You will find that it has a large feed chute allowing you to throw your whole fruits and veggies right in without having to chop it all up before hand.
  • There is a large pulp collector cup on the backside of this juicer while the front has a spout for your fresh juice to pour right into the cup size of your choosing.
  • The size of this juicer allows for easy portability compared to some others on the market today.  If you want the ability to take your juicer with you then you will have no problem with this model.
  • If you’re looking to use leafy greens and fresh herbs you may not want this juicer.  It says that it can handle these types of produce but consumers just like yourself don’t agree.  Although it will break it apart when put down the chute, the pulp container will have larger chunks that are still very moist, left behind.

Take a Closer Look at How Well The Omega J4000 Juices Your Produce


  • Easily portable due to it’s smaller size
  • Surgical grade stainless steel blades for durability
  • Large feed chute allowing for whole fruits and veggies to be used
  • 15 year parts and performance warranty
  • Large pulp collection cup allowing you to juice more without stopping to empty the waste
  • Quieter operation compared to other centrifugal juicers


  • Doesn’t have the ability to juice your leafy greens such as kale, spinach or fresh herbs very well.  You will get some juice from these but a lot of the juice is left behind in the pulp
  • There is more heat with this juicer due to it’s fast motor causing more foam to come out with your juice
  • Juice separates quickly because of the higher heat

How Easy is The Omega 4000 to Put Together?  Take a Look

Is This What You’re Looking For?

Picking the right juicer for your kitchen isn’t an easy task.  You want to find the right one that will offer you exactly what you need and expect out of your fresh juices.

If you are looking to make mostly veggie and fruit juices without the use of many leafy greens then this may be the perfect match for you.  Although this machine will handle your kale, spinach and other leafy greens in small batches, you won’t get all the juice from them that you may expect.

As far as the size and noise level of this juicing machine, it’s quieter than many other centrifugal juicers and the size makes it portable so you can take it with you if you want to.

One thing to keep in mind with this juicer is that the spout, where the juice comes out, is lower to the counter than other models.  You will need a smaller cup to catch your fresh juice and won’t be able to use a larger travel mug or pitcher while juicing.

For some this may not be a big deal to stop and start juicing so you can empty the cup but for others this could be a deal breaker due to it being inconvenient.

If you’re still interested in the Omega Juicer 4000, click the link below and read over 100 customer reviews on Amazon.

Price:  $183.44
centrifugal juicer omega j4000amazon customer reviews

the best centrifugal juicers#3  The Cuisinart CJE-1000

Cuisinart appliances can be found in almost every kitchen around the world.  The name itself usually makes the phrase ” good quality product” pop into your mind and with good reason!

Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand that was founded back in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer.  His first appliance was a food processor.

In 1989 Cuisinart was bought by the Conair Corporation and is still owned by them to this day.

You can find a wide range of kitchen appliances produced by Cuisinart,  simple cutlery to larger appliances such as refrigerators.  The one thing that never seems to falter with this company, is the pride in their products that are created.

What Will You Find With The Cuisinart CEJ-1000 Centrifugal Juicer?

  • You’ll find 5 speeds available and a  1000 watt motor with the Cuisinart CJE-1000.  What’s so great about having 5 speeds?  You have the ability to juice the softest fruits and veggies along with your leafy greens at a slow speed, which will yield higher juice from them.
  • Depending on the softness or hardness of your other produce your using, you can adjust the speed to yield the highest amount of juice from them.
  • Cuisinart includes a unique special foam management filter disk.  This specially designed disk reduces the foam coming from your produce  keeping it out of your fresh cup of juice. The spout,  has an adjustable flow and is attached to the foam management disk, allowing you the ability to choose how quickly your juice comes out.  Some people really enjoy this feature because they say it leaves even less foam on the top of the finished juice when they use the slower flow as you can see in the picture to the left.
  • The feed chute on this Cuisinart juicer is 3″ in diameter allowing for whole pieces of product to push right through without having to prep them before juicing.
  • You will also find a large pulp container included with this product, 2-liters in size, allowing you to keep on juicing without having to stop and empty the waste constantly.
  • All the parts are dishwasher safe if you don’t want the hassle of hand washing.  There is also a cleaning brush included to help get the grating screen spic and span.

Take a Look at How The Cuisinart CJE-1000 Works

Pros to The Cuisinart CJE-1000

  • 5 available speeds making it super easy to juice all varieties of produce and leafy greens just by the turn of a dial
  • Special foam management disk that adjusts by turning a lever on the juice spout
  • Easy to clean dishwasher safe pieces making cleanup as simple as can be
  • Simple design to take apart and put back together
  • Large feed chute allowing whole fruits and veggies to be juiced without the need of cutting

Cons to The Cuisinart CJE-1000

  • The pulp left behind is still a bit wet, so there is juice left behind from your produce that isn’t making it to your glass.  Remember this is a centrifugal juicer so this is expected
  • Has some trouble with leafy greens, you will find large chunks in the pulp container that will need to be put back through again.  Again this is a centrifugal juicer and it’s expected.  Consumers recommend wrapping your leafy greens around some solid product, like whole apples when juicing them and you’ll get more juice from the leafy veggies.
  • This is a larger centrifugal juicer so make sure you have the counter space to set it up

Is This The Juicer You’re Looking For?

The Cuisinart CJE-1000 centrifugal juicers ability to adjust your speed according to the type of produce your juicing is an excellent feature.  You will get the most juice out of your produce with this feature which will save you money.

The adjustable speeds also make it easy to juice your leafy greens unlike some other centrifugal juicers out there that leave whole chunks behind to be put through again and again to get the most out of them.

Having a foam management disk is another great feature, just adjusting the spout to control your juice flow couldn’t be easier.  Since this is a centrifugal juicer, the higher speed of the motor causes more heat compared to the masticating and triturating juicing machines.  The higher heat inevitably will cause more foam to come out into your glass.  With the foam management disk, the foam is decreased compared to many other centrifugal juicers.

Read what other customers who have purchased this model have to say about the Cuisinart CJE-1000 by clicking the link below.  You will find over 900 reviews about this product to help you make a better choice before buying your centrifugal juicer.

Price: $108.99

best centrifugal juicerscentrifugal juicers

the best centrifugal juicers#4  The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juicer Machine

Hamilton beach is staple brand found in most kitchens.  They’ve proven themselves to give consumers a quality product with great prices and have succeeded again with the pro juicer machine.  This centrifugal juicer offers you the ability to make fresh juice for you and your family without breaking your budget at a price around $65.

If you are a juicing beginner, this machine is very simple to assemble and disassemble before and after juicing.  There aren’t any choices for juicing speeds, like other centrifugal juicers, you’re given a simple on and off switch to start and finish your juices.

What Does The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor Offer You?

best centrifugal juicers

Extra wide 3″ feed chute allows you to use whole fruits and vegetables decreasing your prep time to make your fresh juices

Your juice spout is higher than many other centrifugal juicers, allowing you to use multiple sized containers while your juicing.  If you only want to make one glass or a pitcher of juice at a time you’ll find it easy without having to switch out containers while juicing.

This juicer has both a stainless steel cutting blade and straining basket designed to give you durability while juicing

You will find a 1.1 Hp motor designed to not only give you juice from your produce fast but the ability to get juice from the hardest varieties of produce such as ginger.

Have the ability to not only make fresh juices but fresh nut milks and butters to add to your healthy lifestyle.

There is an extra large pulp bin collector allowing you to juice large amounts of fruits and veggies without having to stop and empty between juicing recipes.

There is no need to worry about setting the right speed with this juicer it has an on and off switch making it easy for the beginner juicer to use.

All of the removable plastic parts are dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze.

Take a look at how the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth works:

Pros to The Hamilton Beach Pro Big Mouth Juice Extractor

  • Large feed chute allowing you to juice whole fruits and veggies without pre-cutting
  • No worries of replacing parts with the stainless steel cutting blade and pulp strainer
  • All parts are dishwasher safe (except the motor) making clean up very easy for you
  • The 1.1 Hp motor makes juicing harder produce a breeze along with making your juice in a matter of seconds
  • Make nut milks and butters
  • Easily assemble your juicer without worrying about any complicated accessories, great feature for the beginner juicer
  • Extra large 20 oz juice container and pulp container, allow you to juice large batches of produce at a time without the hassle of stopping to empty them
  • There is a 3 year product warranty

Cons to the Hamilton Beach Pro Big Mouth Juice Extractor

  • As with all centrifugal juicers, you will find more froth with your finished juice than you will with a slow masticating juicer
  • Due to the fast speed of the 1.1 Hp motor your juice is extracted quickly but the heat from the motor causes a loss in natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals found in your fresh produce
  • If you’re looking to add fresh leafy greens, spinach, wheatgrass and kale for example, you will get juice from them but not as much as you will from a slow juicer

Is This The Juicer You’re Looking For?

If you’re looking for a beginner juicer that is budget friendly then this is a great choice.  The price can’t be beat with the quality you will find with this product.  Hamilton Beach offers excellent customer service and backs it’s products exceptionally well, giving you peace of mind when purchasing one of their products.

Keep in mind that juicing for the maximum levels of nutrients found in your produce or using fresh leafy greens for juicing recipes can be done with the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth.  However, you won’t get the maximum juices from them and the nutrients are lost with the heat from the high speed motor.

Learn more about this juicer and read over 1,000 customer reviews and questions about the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth on Amazon.  This will help you make a well informed decision before investing in this product and give you peace of mind if it’s the right juicer for you.

Price  $56.99

best centrifugal juicersbest centrifugal juicers

best centrifugal juicers#5 The AICOK Wide Mouth Juice Extractor

The AICOK brand is dedicated to in home kitchen appliances such as juicers, coffee makers, stand mixers, etc..  Being a leader in North America and Europe with their home appliances, they strive to understand what is needed in your kitchen to make life easier and are continuously researching their products to give you the best technology, at a reasonable price.

What Does The AICOK 1000 Watt Wide Mouth Juice Extractor Offer You?

The AICOK wide mouth juice extractor is an excellent centrifugal juicer that has a 1000watt motor, ensuring you get the most juice from all of your produce.  The large feed tube, just about 3″ wide,  allows for whole fruits and vegetables to be used without the need of peeling and dicing them before juicing.

There are 2 speed controls to use with this juicer, the slower speed for your softer produce and the faster speed to use with your harder produce.  The ability to adjust the speed for juicing your produce will allow for maximum juice extraction.

Although this juicer has a high speed 1000 watt motor it’s quieter than most centrifugal juicers allowing you to juice to your hearts content without waking up the whole household or your neighbors.

Take a Closer Look at How The AICOK Wide Mouth Juice Extractor Works

You will find a 1.1 liter juice collecting container and a 2 liter pulp container with this juicer.  This will allow you to make large batches of juice at a time without having to empty the waste or juice midway through your recipes.

All materials used to make this juicer are BPA free and are dishwasher safe, (except for the motor base), giving you fast and easy cleanup after juicing.  There is a 304 food grade stainless steel filter and cutting blade with the AICOK wide mouth juicer to chop through the most difficult produce and squeeze the maximum juice out of it.
best centrifugal juicers

For safety you’ll find a locking arm that must be in place before the motor turns on to start juicing and an overheating protection top that will shut the motor down before any damage can happen to it.  This also ensures that your ingredients for juicing stay inside the juicer and don’t come flying up and out at you as they are processed.

Pros to The AICOK Wide Mouth Juice Extractor

  • Large feed chute allowing you to use whole pieces of fruits and veggies which decreases your prep time before juicing
  • Dual speed controls maximizing the juice you get from your soft and hard produce ingredients
  • The 1.1L juice collecting container and 2L pulp container allow you to do large batches of juice at a time without having to stop and empty them
  • Transparent cover allows you to view the process of juicing while you push your ingredients through the feed chute
  • Quieter motor compared to many high speed centrifugal juicers allowing you to make your juice anytime of day without worrying about disturbing others
  • All parts are made of BPA free materials
  • Everything except the motor base easily detach for cleaning and are dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Very affordable juicer that offers you a lot of the same features that other more expensive centrifugal juicers also have
  • Smaller size and stainless steel finish make it easy to stay out on the counter without taking up a ton of space or becoming an eye soar

Cons to The AICOK Wide Mouth Juice Extractor

  • As with all centrifugal juicers, you will have more foam and some loss of nutrients compared to the slow masticating juicers because of the heat the high speed motor generates
  • Juicing leafy greens such as kale, spinach, lettuce, etc., can be done with this juicer but you won’t extract the maximum juices from them like a masticating juicer does.  However, if you put it through the juicer an extra time you will get more juice from them
  • Some of the harder produce varieties, ginger, horseradish and beets, for example, should be cut down into 1″ pieces before juicing.  This juicer has a harder time breaking these types of hard produce down but if you prep them first you should get juice from them.
  • This is a straight up juicer and isn’t great for making nut milks, butters or sorbets like some of the other models of centrifugal juicers

Is This The Juicer You’re Looking For?

This model juicer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank and will offer you many juicing capabilities.  If you’re a beginner juicer and want the ability of making green juices, including celery juice along with your fruit and veggie juices then this is a great choice for you to start.

If you are already more experienced with juicing and are looking to add fresh nut butters or milks along with frozen sorbets to your healthy routine, you should take a look at the masticating juicers.  They offer you a wider range of capabilities to add more nutrients to your healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about the AICOK wide mouth juice extractor on Amazon, where you will find more customer reviews and answered questions to help you make a better decision before buying.

Price  $115.28

the best centrifugal juicersbest centrifugal juicers